The National standards of healthcare cleanliness 2021

The National standards of healthcare cleanliness 2021

“The National standards of healthcare cleanliness 2021 (the national standards) apply to all healthcare settings – acute hospitals, mental health, community, primary care, dental care, ambulance trusts, GP surgeries and clinics, and care homes, regardless of the way cleaning services are provided. They provide a common understanding of what it means to be a clean healthcare setting and give healthcare organisations in England a framework for detailing the required cleaning services and how ‘technical’ cleanliness and the efficacy of the cleaning process should be assessed. They replace the National specifications for cleanliness in the NHS 2007 (and amendments) published by the National Patient Safety Agency, and the Healthcare cleaning manual, revised by the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals (AHCP) in 2013. Together with the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated regulations, these provide an assurance framework to support compliance with the core cleanliness standard and the code of practice.”

Our Lead Nurse Advisor has put together a document to support practices with the national Cleaning Standards and other useful information and links for IP&C.  September 2022

19 November 2021

The CCG IP&C team have created a PPE audit tool specifically for primary care, where the audit is used as a self assessment tool to assess own individual practice. A PPE audit will ensure that colleagues are using PPE appropriately and will give IP&C Leads evidence for CQC inspections. 

They have also included the NHS E&I Cleaning Standards Audit Tool which has been adapted for primary care. It is an example of how the tool can be modified for individual use as each practice will have it’s own requirements, environment and needs. We advise that you change the tool with caution as deleting or adding in rows can alter the formulas. We have changed the top elements to fit with primary care environment and keeping the nursing, cleaning and estate elements. This tool is just an example if you do not already have an audit tool in place.  

PC CCG NSHE 21 Audit Score template

CCG Primary Care PPE audit tool 

IP&C Primary Care September 2021

IP& C reporting Template 

National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2021 - April 2021

National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2021: Supporting documents - May 2021 The documents included are Audit Score Sheet template, Compliance Grid, Star Rating posters, Efficacy Audit Checklist

National standards of healthcare cleanliness 2021: health and safety - April 2021

National standards of healthcare cleanliness 2021: Appendices - April 2021

National standards of healthcare cleanliness 2020: pest control - April 2021

Disposing of Clinical Waste and Non-Clinical Waste - Quick reference guide to support best practice waste segregation - November 2021

If you have any queries or concerns with regards to waste segregation or clinical waste collections, please email  and report incidents or missed collections on the Datix system