About Us

What is the Somerset GP Education Trust, SGPET

SGPET provide support for Somerset GPs in their learning, work and professional development through the provision and coordination of a wide range of educational activities. We recognise the importance of this to GPs themselves, the practices they work in and patients receiving care. We also fully appreciate the links between continuing education and revalidation, career progression and professional wellbeing.

SGPET also provides a comprehensive Somerset Practice Nurse programme, established in 2012, this is for Practice Nurses/HCAs employed by a Somerset Practice and in 2017 some events for Primary Care Practitioners (PCPs/ECPs in practice) and Health Coaches, further details can be found below.  

SGPET is a joint initiative between Somerset LMC and the Somerset GP Education Team. SGPET has some features similar to GP education trusts in Devon, Wessex, Bristol, Bath and Gloucestershire, and yet offer Somerset GPs and Practice Nurses/HCAs a local organisation, responsive to local needs and geography, building on the best of what has already been happening and adding a lot more on top.

How does SGPET work?

The Somerset GP Tutors and Somerset LMC Nurse Advisor organise and provide a full programme of educational activities to help you meet your learning needs. We fully appreciate that Somerset GPs and Practice Nurses/HCAs have a wide range of factors governing how, where and what time they prefer to carry out their learning and what we plan does try to takes all of these into account, however we cannot provide sessions to cover all your training needs in all areas of Somerset. 

Somerset LMC provides administration and financial management for SGPET from its Taunton office. 

Who are the GP Educators

Dr Tony Wright, SGPET Chairman
Polden Surgery, Bridgwater
Tel: 01278 722077
Email:   anthony.wright5@nhs.net

Dr Ian Boyland, Preston Grove Medical Centre, SGPET Vice Chairman
Dr Bridget Carne, Irnham Lodge, Minehead
Dr Lucy Edwards, Preston Grove Medical Centre
Dr Rachel Winter, North Curry Health Centre
Dr Chris Kollmeier, Langport Surgery

Contact via SGPET

Paula Messenger, Somerset LMC Nurse Advisor
Email :  Paula.messenger1@nhs.net

GP Programme and Training Hub
Email: lmc.sgpet@nhs.net

Claire Winchester, Admin & Finance Officer (Practice Nurse/HCA programme)
Email:  claire.winchester1@nhs.net


Somerset Training Hub contacts

Dr Martyn Hughes, Clinical Lead, Somerset Training Hub
Email: martyn.hughes@nhs.net

Carol Hobbs, Programme Director, Somerset Training Hub
Email :  carol.hobbs4@nhs.net

Somerset LMC Primary Care Paramedic Ambassador, Catherine Hayden,

Email: catherine.hayden@nhs.net

How much does it cost to be an SGPET member?

Like all GP education trusts SGPET is a membership organisation with annual subscriptions. In an effort to keep the cost of membership reasonable and at the same time wanting to avoid the complicated fee structures of some Trusts we do set an annual  subscription rate for the education year 01 April – 31 March details are on the home page.

It is worth noting that if all GPs in the practice join, (including salaried and retained GPs) then other members of the practice team can attend relevant SGPET sessions free of charge.  

In recognition of the level of support from Severn Deanery, and in order to invest in the future of local general practice, all Somerset GP ST1, 2 and 3 doctors will be honorary members while they are carrying out their GP training.

What are the benefits of joining?

Can other members of our practice team join the Trust?

We are a GP only membership. Some trusts have developed to include other primary care professionals as members and this might or might not be a direction that the membership wishes to go. For now, however, for practices in which all GPs are SGPET members then that practice's nurse/s, HCAs and manager can attend relevant SGPET events at no cost.

How do I join SGPET?

Please complete an application form (found under membership) and forward it to the LMC office. You can also e-mail or phone for a copy if you prefer. The same form can be used for multiple applications from the same practice. Payment details are on the application form.  Further details can be found under the Membership tab.

I wish to attend a non SGPET course, does SGPET provide funding?

The subscription rates are very low and members are able to access all SGPET session free of charge as well as those of other Trusts with whom we have reciprocal arrangements. We are run on a fairly small budget and have not amassed any surplus to enable us to finance outside courses and therefore do not have any provision to provide financial support to non SGPET courses at present.

I belong to an established group who organise our own education events, will SGPET accredit them?

SGPET has accreditation criteria and policy all available on the website. Please have a look at this section on our website and apply, or telephone to discuss this in more detail.

Is there a discount for joining all GPs from a Practice?

The fee is very reasonable and we are not able to offer a discount if we are sustain SGPET. However, if all GPs are members then Practice Managers, Practice Nurses/HCAs and other members of the practice can attend any relevant SGPET courses free of charge.

I'm not a member of SGPET can I still attend a course?

Yes if you are employed by a Somerset GP Practice or locum within Somerset, attendance is charged at the rate of £15 per hour for GP evening sessions, Study Day and half days will vary (normally £45 for half day and £90 for a full day).  For Practice Nurse/HCA sessions the amount will show when booking (normally £35 for half day session and £70 for full day).

How do I book a place on an SGPET course?

If you have already registered with the Somerset LMC website or if you have a myLMC account you can use this login and password (it has been designed by Fourteen Fish who you may know designed the myLMC site for the MSFs), if not you will need to register when prompted within the booking process.   To book a place, select Courses, then click into the session you would like to attend and follow the instructions.  You can select “Relevant to” to reduce the courses to show GPs, Practice Nurses, HCA’s etc.

Please note if you are registering or logging into our website for the first time it may take 24 hours during the working week to complete your registration, after that you will be emailed confirmation to continue your booking.

After registering you will be able to view all sessions you have booked and attended from 1 April 2015 (previous records are held on our old database and will not be shown).  It will also enable you to print out your own record of attendance and individual certificates when you need them.

Somerset Practice Managers/Lead Nurses will be able to book other members of their Practice staff on SGPET sessions, however any member of staff can register with the site.  For the majority of SGPET Nurse, HCA and Practice Manager sessions a maximum of two attendees per practice can book due to limited numbers. 

Once you have booked you will receive a confirmation of booking and 7 days before the event a reminder email.  These are created by the system and may appear a little automated.

How do I cancel my booking?

You can now cancel from your account and "My bookings" - 10 days before an event or 14 days for a study day, after this you need to email or phone SGPET to cancel your booking.

How do I print my Certificate of Attendance?

Please see document on how to print your certificate of attendance from your record.

How do I find out what is on and what is local to me?

All course details are available on the website on the Courses page it is clear what the topic is, as well as where it is being held. A weekly email with the next 6 weeks' programme is sent to all Somerset GPs and Practice Managers. If you do not receive this email and would like to then please contact SGPET. 

I want to suggest a topic for an SGPET course how do I go about it?

Please e-mail us via lmc.sgpet@nhs.net , phone on 01823 331428 or mobile 07833400960.

I missed a course that I was interested in, can I get a copy of the presentation afterwards?

Yes, where the speaker has approved, they will be added to the website in due course and linked to the session, you will be able to search for these.

Most sessions are in the evening after work, is food provided?

Yes, food is normally provided before the session starts. You will be asked to specifiy if you have any special dietary requirements when booking. Pharmaceutical Companies normally support SGPET sessions and cover the cost of food so we would be grateful if you could interact with them.  Please note they are usually only able to pay for food, any additional beverages are to be paid for by you. 

I am a member of SGPET do I have to pay for Somerset LMC training?

Yes, all Somerset LMC training will show the cost of the session, this is not part of SGPET membership.

I am a Practice Nurse/HCA can I attend and SGPET session for free?

If your Practice are full members of SGPET you can attend relevant sessions for free.  Please check with your Practice Manager.  You can still attend if you are an employee of a Somerset Practice, however there will be a charge and there are limitation to two attendees per practice.

I am a member of another Trust does SGPET have reciprocal arrangements?

Somerset Education Trust has reciprocal arrangements with the Trusts of Gloucester, Bristol and Swindon, and members may attend courses run by these Trusts free of charge. Bath GP Education Trust has amended their reciprocal arrangements; please check their website for details   Wessex Education Trust does not offer a reciprocal scheme, as instead they offer a reimbursement of costs to their members in part or full, for the cost of attending educational sessions away from Wessex GPET. If any Wessex members attend any Somerset GP Education Trust sessions they will be invoiced by SGPET, and should apply to Wessex to re-claim this amount.