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So, whether you are a - GP wanting to keep up to date, an apprentice HCA wanting to find out more about diabetes, a new Health Coach or MSK physiotherapist wanting to learn with other local colleagues, a lead nurse wanting practical advice and support or a paramedic wanting to improve consultations skills- then SGPET has the events and resources and people to help you.

These are challenging times for general practice and the support from colleagues and the LMC and the benefits of learning can help us considerably. Somerset GP Education Trust aims to be an important part of general practice life in Somerset. The LMC and the education team are working hard to ensure this and your support and membership are important.

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How SGPET works

The Somerset GP Tutors and Somerset LMC Nurse Advisor organise and provide a full programme of educational activities to help you meet your learning needs. We fully appreciate that Somerset GPs and Practice Nurses/HCAs have a wide range of factors governing how, where and what time they prefer to carry out their learning and what we plan does try to takes all of these into account, however we cannot provide sessions to cover all your training needs in all areas of Somerset. 

Somerset LMC provides administration and financial management for SGPET from its Taunton office.

GP Educators

Dr Tony Wright

SGPET Chairman Polden Surgery, Bridgwater 01278 722077

Dr Chris Kollmeier

Langport Surgery

Dr Ian Boyland

Preston Grove Medical Centre, SGPET Vice Chairman

Dr Lucy Edwards

Preston Grove Medical Centre

Anne-Marie Young

Our SGPET team

How much does it cost to be an SGPET member?

Like all GP education trusts SGPET is a membership organisation with annual subscriptions. In an effort to keep the cost of membership reasonable and at the same time wanting to avoid the complicated fee structures of some Trusts we do set an annual subscription rate for the education year 01 April – 31 March, further details can be found on our Membership Page .