Benefits of being a member of SGPET & how to join us

About our membership

Like all GP education trusts SGPET is a membership organisation with annual subscriptions. In an effort to keep the cost of membership reasonable and at the same time wanting to avoid the complicated fee structures of some Trusts we do set an annual subscription rate for the education year 01 April - 31 March.

Running our events takes a lot of resources and it is thanks to the support from the Somerset Training Hub that we can currently do all of this within the membership fee despite the number of GPs reducing and other primary care staff increasing. This funding has previously been allocated to certain events to make them free to all, however this year it has been agreed to use this to support all SGPET events. Learning events that were previously free to all, will now be treated equally with other training so non-member practices will have to pay for colleagues to attend.

From 1st April 2022 the membership fee will be £180.00. Members will be able to attend all SGPET organised educational meetings free of charge.

Non-members will be charged to attend events, costs are full study days £130, half days £65 and evening sessions £35. 

Where all the Partner and Salaried GPs in a practice are members, the practice manager, practice nurses, HCA's and other relevant staff will be able to attend SGPET meetings free of charge.

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