Benefits of being a member of SGPET & how to join us

About our membership

In order to reflect changes in Primary Care and make ALL SGPET and LMC events free to members, we introduced a New Levy based system from 31 Mar 23/1 Apr 24 on practice list size, similar to how the LMC levy is collected.

This will be 15p per patient for our Membership year Apr24/Mar25

This will cover ALL practice staff, PCN staff (If all practices within the PCN join) and our Locum colleagues who work across our practices.

A Practice may wish to pay this Levy themselves, or as a group via their PCN. If joining as a PCN, SGPET will need to be notified in advance, with the details of their Lead Practice.

How it works

SGPET will in advance of the 1st April each year, forward to the ICB the new Levy figures for practices/PCN’s who are joining. The ICB will then take this from the Practice/PCN monthly as they do with the LMC Levy.

If your Practice were members in the previous year we will presume you wish to join again, unless SGPET is notified by 31 January.  Similarly, if you were not members previously and wish to join, let us know by the end of January via

A Practice can decline to join and pay individually for events if they wish, a comparable model of Practice costs doing it in this way can be found here  and a table of event costs is below.

Benefits of a SGPET/LMC Levy based system

What’s included


Non Member Event Costs