Who is this Covid-19 Rapid Training Guide designed to help.

Somerset’s primary care workforce faces particular challenges in meeting the challenges caused by Covid-19. Workforce capacity is being increased and every member of the workforce is working differently. All this require a lot of learning - new knowledge, new skills, new ideas and attitudes. The learning resources listed in this Covid-19 Training Guide for GPs will be particularly useful for:

How to use this Covid-19 Rapid Training Guide

Learning needs are the gaps between where your knowledge and skills are right now and where you are aiming them to be in future. In normal circumstances a GP will gradually gather these needs together from a number of sources into a plan that can influence learning over the coming year. Now, with Covid-19, these timescales have to be reduced and we recognise that GPs will benefit from knowing what knowledge and skills may now be required and how they can be acquired.

There is certainly a lot of learning to be done by everyone for Covid-19 but what you have to learn will depend on your existing knowledge, skills and confidence and, on the type of work you will be doing. A GP with experience in OOH work may already feel confident about carrying out aspects of telephone triage, a GP returning to work wholly remotely will not need to learn how to don and doff PPE.

Use columns 1 & 2 in the below table to identify your learning needs about important aspects of Covid-19. Column 3 then gives recommendations on how you can address the need you identify and column 4 has the relevant link to the online document, guideline or learning resource. Things are changing very quickly and using the online links will help ensure that you are using updated resources.

The important aspects of Covid-19 in column 1 are grouped into areas - clinical assessment and management, remote consulting, infection prevention, professional wellbeing, keeping up to date about Covid-19, managing other patient problems.

As you complete the relevant learning you have chosen try and identify the key learning points and how you will do things differently as a consequence. This will be supplemented by the learning you derive from reflecting on day to day work with patients and conversations with team colleagues.

How to make the most of other sources of advice, support and learning

Every general practice is now working in so many different ways. For existing GPs it is important that changes are fully communicated to you. For returning and new GPs - you will receive an Induction when you start work in any new practice or centre. This induction will help you understand how the practice runs day to day and will cover important areas including who’s who, who to ask for help, how to use the practice IT and communication systems, and how to do things safely.

The learning resources listed under each area are a mixture of reference guidance and documents, quick reads and online learning. All of these can be completed through individual learning. Discussing things with colleagues is always an important way for GPs to learn from each other. To supplement the ways you will do this with practice colleagues we are working with the SGPET, LMC, and Somerset GP Career Plus to ensure that everyone can get the benefit of meeting with colleagues during this time if they want to. A variety of online groups are being set up for GPs and other primary care professionals. Some of these replace existing face to face groups and others are new. All of them offer an accessible, convenient, facilitated opportunity to meet up with your peers, to feel connected, give and receive support and share learning. For details on how to join a group email your interest and to:

In addition all returning and new GPs will be offered weekly contact with a Somerset GP Trainer (Educational Supervisor) for advice, support and help with ongoing learning.

Dr Martyn Hughes and Dr Bridget Carne Somerset Training Hub 22.04.20

Somerset Covid-19 Rapid Training Guide (Table) for GPs