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News Update 17 January 2022

Oxygen and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Referral Form.
Please see here updated referral form. It does differ from the EMIS form as its less to complete. However the EMIS form does complete the majority of the basic fields so please use what ever form you feel is appropriate until the EMIS forms can be updated. One note is that on both forms they will ask for current spirometry and as we all know this is not available for the forseable future. BOC are happy to receive forms without these fields completed so it should not be a barrier to referring to the service.

Severe Asthma Service
Also see here revised and improved referral form. It's now in Xl format so easier to complete and has the e-mail of the co-ordinator for the form to be sent when completed. Any feedback would be welcome I've sent 2 patients in so far and with each have sent a brief summary record in PDF format with the referral form to add extra context. When EMIS is working well it takes no more than 10 mins to fill the forms in, attach to the patients consultation and then use AccuRx to send email and add the form within the AccuRx e-mail. The only information that you would not normally collect and need to complete is the IgE, so if you anticipate referral in the near future bear this in mind and request when doing bloods.

SABA Overuse Document Finally  the “badged” SABA overuse document to replace the previous version which can now be sent to patents.