Certification - GMS Contract & Legal Obligations

The following is a list of obligations relating to Certification by GPs: GPs are obliged to provide data essential for a clinical referral free of charge. A GP has a statutory duty to supply a registered patient, free of charge, with any of the prescribed certificates set out in Schedule 4 of...

Contraception & Sexual Health in Young People

Department of Health Guidance: Response to the Supreme Court Judgment/ Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard

Original Document: Response to the Supreme Court Judgment/ Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards LMC Commentary December 2015 This important document, The Department of Health Guidance: Response to the Supreme Court Judgement/Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS), refers to a judgement given in...

Domestic Abuse Remember that Victims and Perpetrators may not always be those you expect

It's easy to assume that domestic abuse only affects partners or ex-partners within a relationship. However, an increasingly common form of abuse, with potentially devastating results, is set to challenge those inherent beliefs. In 2014/15, 3% of the approx. 700 referrals to Somerset's...

Introduction to Safeguarding Children Training

Safeguarding Children - A Beginner's Guide (with acknowledgements to Wessex LMCs) Although the intercollegiate document 'Safeguarding Children and Young people: roles and competences for health care staff' (September 2010) guidance is not yet enshrined in regulations the LMC view is that as the...

Issue 200 Somerset LMC Newsletter December

Issue 200 Controlled Drug Abuse and Security of Blank Prescription Forms Domestic Violence Survey for GPs Annual LMC Awards Somerset Local Medical Benevolent Fund Charitable Donations Dr Whimsy's Casebook

Medical Records - Adopted Children

Medical Records - Adopted Children (with acknowledgements to Wessex LMCs) Under adoption legislation an adopted child is given a new NHS number and all previous medical information relating to that child is put into a newly created health record. Any information relating to the identity or...

Parents wishing to access children's medical records

Safeguarding Children

GMC guidance refers to an Intercollegiate document (see below). An updated version was released in March 2014. The ultimate statement to which we are beholden is: 'It is now recognised that the complexity of relationships with child and young people patients and their parents and carers in the...

Safeguarding: Adults

Safeguarding: Filing of Child Protection Documents

Somerset Domestic Abuse Newsletter

Edition 6 of the Somerset Domestic Abuse Newsletter – for anyone interested in tackling Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence in Somerset. Edition 8 Spring 2016 Edition 9 (to be added) Edition 10 Summer 2017 &nbsp

Thinking it? Report it

A new public awareness raising campaign, called 'Thinking it? Report it', launched in Somerset encouraging people to make contact with Adult Social Care if they think someone is being harmed. The campaign has been launched with the direct support of the Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board...

What CQC is looking for in relation to Safeguarding

This Useful table highlights the common themes identified in inspection reports mapped against each Key Line of Enquiry (KLOE) for Safeguarding