BMA Covid Page 

20 July 2020 Covid19: Toolkit for GPs and GP practices

23 June 2020: Trust GPs to lead: learning from the response to COVID-19 within general practice in England

02 June 2020: BMA GPC England Summary of NHSEI SOP v3

24 April 2020: Joint guidance - Death Verification (BMA & RCGP)

24 April 2020: BMA - (VoD), (MCCD) and Cremation Forms in the Community


21st April 2020  GP and practice toolkit update 

16th April 2020 Identifying Patients at higer risk of Covid Guidance for GPs 

03 April 2020: COVID-19: PPE for doctors

01 April 2020: COVID-19: retired doctors returning to work

01 April 2020: PCN DES Guidance



9 Aprl 2020:       Covid-19 Update from CQC Chief Inspector



Clinical guidance for healthcare professionals on maintaining immunisation programmes during COVID-19

NHSE Update on GP services for remainder 2020/21

NHS resolution Guidance for General Practice 

24.06.20 Standard Operating Procedures Volume 3.3

31.05.20   Standard Operating Procedures Volume 3

05 May 2020    Technical  Specifications For PPE

15 April 2020: Joint Guidance CAS Alert Ibuprofen And Coronavirus

14 April 2020: GP preparedness Letter

11 April 2020:  (FAQs) for clinicians re: Shielded Patient Lists

10 April 2020:  Shielded Patient Lists (SPL) - NHSE Letter

10 April 2020:  NHS England Updated PPE Guidance 

5 April 2020:    NHS England and NHS Improvement - standing operating procedure for primary care 

NHS England and NHS improvement - Landing page for Primary Care 

NHS England and NHS Improvement - Template letters for primary care

NHS England and NHS improvement - Guidance for Clinicians  and Managers 

NHS England and NHS Improvement - standing operating procedure for primary care 



3   April 2020:  Update on the Government’s shielding policy and implications for General Practice

31 March 2020:  Royal College of Physicians Ethical guidance published for frontline staff dealing with pandemic

26 March 2020:  KISS - Managing Clinical Groups During The Coronavirus Pandemic

25 March 2020:  Royal College of Physicians COVID-19 Management Guidelines

25 March 2020:  Guidance and updates for GPs: At-risk patients

24 March 2020:  RCGP FAQs on Appraisal and Revalidation during covid-19

23 March 2020:  Joint guidance from GPC, RCGP and NHSEI - The Role of General Practice

23 March 2020:  Joint guidance from GPC, RCGP and NHSEI - Workload Prioritisation

23 March 2020: OFFICIAL GPC INFO: COVID-19: remote consultations and homeworking