Managing Pain - Skills Not Pills

These presentations have been created to help clinicians know treatment options in Somerset for patients with chronic pain (pain of more than 3 months). Ultimately we know that medicines don’t work well for such pain so other strategies are most useful.

The last presentation is 3 interviews of people who have helped others, or been helped, to reduce medication moving to ‘skills not pills’. The presentations have been put together following work between Somerset Community Pain Management Service (SCPMS), Somerset CCG Medicines Management Team, Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service (SDAS), Somerset IAPT and Somerset Training Hub.

Further information/resources are directly below for your reference

Patient Information Leaflet (this can be adapted for your practice)

CCG medicines Management Page

1. Managing Pain - Skills Not Pills - Why do we need to reducing regimes for medication? (Approx 10 mins)

2. Managing Pain - Skills Not Pills - How do you prepare to reduce medication? (Approx 17 Mins)

3. Managing Pain - Skills Not Pills - What can we do to support patients with pain? (Approx 8 Mins)

4. Managing Pain - Skills Not Pills - What else is out there to help people with pain? (Approx 7 mins)

5. Managing Pain - What does it feel like to reduce the medication? (Approx 11 Mins)