Telephone Triage Step 3 - Assess the Clinical Problem & Risks - April 2020 (Anytime video tutorial and slide-set)

Target learners: All primary care clinicians carrying out telephone consultation and consultation Presenter/s: Dr Andy Eaton, Somerset GP. Length: 28 minutes


<p>Covid-19 means that most consultations are now being carried out remotely. This is challenging work and we will all welcome help in increasing our confidence and skills. This is the fourth in a series of webinars on telephone triage. Telephone triage involves a decision about which patients we feel need a further face to face assessment. At the present time, clinicians will be feeling a pressure to deal with as much as possible over the telephone, and may be even more anxious about missing something serious, either Covid or non Covid related. The aim of this episode, is to increase confidence in our telephone assessment - so that either the serious cases are picked up and dealt with efficiently, or the worse case scenario is confidently excluded.</p>

Telephone Triage Step 3 - Assess the Clinical Problem & Risks - Andy Eaton April 20.pdf