Sexual Health in Young People

Contraception & Sexual Health in Young People

Improving uptake of Cervical Screening in pregnant and postnatal women

Cervical screening rates are at their lowest for almost 30 years. The peak incidence of cervical cancer is in the age group 25-30y in whom the cervical screening rate is around 60%. During pregnancy ~50% of women are invited for their cervical screening ‘smear’ test, most of which are deferred....

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Sexual Health in Young People

SWISH-Coil Myths

Coil Myths! - Update from SWISH Nullips (being nulliparous is not a contraindication to having a coil fitted); Nulliparous young women are often easy to fit. Preparation is important with good counselling and advice to take analgesia and eat prior to fitting. We all know that LARC is...