​​​​​​​Menopause Mandate is delighted to bring you a series of expert interviews for healthcare professionals. The aim is to support you and your teams in understanding the menopause and HRT from both a prescribing and dispensing point of view.  Subjects covered include the diagnosis of perimenopause and menopause, prescribing HRT (including current indications and contraindications), the genitourinary syndrome of the menopause, prescribing testosterone for women and options for women who have had breast cancer


There is a wealth of information for us to use when considering medications prescribed for use in pregnancy, while breastfeeding and with children. It isn’t always easy to find this information in one place so Somerset CCG, Medicines Management  have put together guidance and links for you to use when making appropriate decisions with your patients.

Presentation by Brendan Jiang Senior PCN Clinical Pharmacist, at Growing Old Normailly Study Session 27 Jan 2021.

The deprescribing pain advocates:

How can we ensure that we provide high standard of care when prescribing for those people with autism or learning disabilities? This excellent 15-minute collaborative video from University of West of England/Brandon Trust provides pointers on how to improve care.

Additionally, if you are currently in learning, UWE suggest after watching the video you choose 2 competences from the RPS Framework and provide reflections in your practice log entry (minimum 100 words) of how you could implement/improve this in your own practice.