PGDs for national immunisation schedule: Update

Inactivated influenza vaccine Patient Group Direction (PGD) - Updated 15 October 2021

Update - 25 November 2020 - Flublok Quadrivalent Vaccine PGD

Your team can now download a new PGD that has been authorised for the vaccination of patients registered with NHS medical practices in the South West of England.

I will keep you informed of periodic future updates to our PGDs unless you ask me not to. If you would like to add anyone to this ‘mailing list’ please let me know.

A new PGD has been authorised for a range of registered healthcare professionals to use:

Flublok Quadrivalent Vaccine PGD V01.00 - valid from 23 November 2020

Administration of Flublok Quadrivalent (recombinant quadrivalent influenza vaccine, QIVr) to individuals in accordance with the national influenza immunisation programme.

This is based on the existing Inactivated Influenza (IM) PGD V08.00, but please note that:

Flublok Quadrivalent does not have a UK marketing authorisation and is authorised for temporary supply in the UK in accordance with a Regulation 174 authorisation . Whilst the product has been used in the US for several years, MHRA have a specific interest in the reporting of adverse drug reactions for this product, see .

With best wishes

Jon Hayhurst

Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer, and Medication Safety Officer

Medical Directorate, NHS England & NHS Improvement (South West)


PGDs for national immunisation schedule: Update

All NHSE PGDs enquiries should be directed to the NHS England Screening and Immunisation team at

National Patient Group Direction (PGD) templates to support the routine immunisation schedule are now being produced by Public Health England (PHE). In accordance with PGD legislation and NICE Guidance these national PGD templates, although signed off clinically by PHE, require further authorisation by NHS England as commissioner of this service. The PGDs are not legal or valid without this local, formal authorisation. They will be signed off on behalf of NHS England South, South West by Dr Caroline Gamlin (Medical Director) and Sue Mulvenna (Head of Pharmacy). See NHS England South website to access these PGDs;


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