Missed children’s Hepatitis B vaccinations - case study

The Screening and Immunisation Team operate a failsafe designed to ensure that children born to Hepatitis B positive mothers are appropriately vaccinated in a timely fashion to reduce the risk of them contracting chronic Hepatits B.

Whilst CHIS schedule these children, there are still occasions when children miss vital early vaccinations . Practice reception/admin staff play a key role in noting these children when hospital discharge notes come in and when movers in register. Hence the Screening and Immunisation Team delivered a WebEx training session in the summer for admin staff (see below pp).

Recommended Practice failsafe procedures to ensure child receives timely Hep B vaccinations:

  1. Weekly searches for pregnant women who are diagnosed with Hepatitis B linking to their delivery date.
  2. All newborn baby hospital discharge documents to be thoroughly reviewed (regardless of registration) and, where Hepatitis B vaccination indicated, link with mother and call for vaccination at 4 weeks
  3. When infant registered, check if 4 week dose has been given/is scheduled
  4. 6-8 week infant check – has infant received 4 week vaccination?

For more information re the vaccination pathway for children born to Hepatitis B positive mothers see: https://www.england.nhs.uk/south/info-professional/public-health/immunisations/hepatitis-b/


Powerpoint - Hep B GP Admin


Sara Dove

Screening & Immunisation Co-ordinator

Public Health England/NHS England – South (South West)