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Looking after your Professional Health Part 2- further lessons in self care with Dr Andrew Tresidder for everyone working in health and care (Anytime video presentation and downloadable slide-set)

Tuesday 30 June 2020

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Target Learners: Everyone working in health and care. Can be viewed on its own or as a follow-on from Part 1

Working in health and care is hard work. We all need ways to understand and process the highs and lows in ways that help us look after ourselves.

In this 12 minute online presentation Dr Andrew Tresidder, Somerset CCG Clinical Lead on Pastoral Care for Front Line Staff and Practitioner Health SW Lead Clinician, will help you understand ways of thinking about and managing change and loss.

The Drama Triangle will help you understand and manage the different ways we interact with patients, families and colleagues and signposts to useful resources will allow you to continue your learning about self care and how we look after each other.


YouTube link: https://youtu.be/l4Y14kc0E5Q


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