EOL Series (10) Caring Has A Cost - Health and Self-Care for Health and Care Professionals (Anytime online presentation and downloadable slide set)


<p>Target Learners:&nbsp;All primary care and community care professionals involved in giving end of life care to a person dying in the community during Covid-19. This is one of a series of online presentations aimed at helping you and your colleagues understand and implement different parts of the Somerset Covid-19 strategy for end of life. In this 20 minute online presentation Dr Andrew Tresidder, Somerset CCG Clinical Lead on Pastoral Care for Front Line Staff and Practitioner Health SW Lead Clinician, will help you understand: - What is compassionate care - Why can giving care have a cost to those giving the care - What stages of loss do we go through when managing changes in our work and - - What happens when we get stuck - What are the components of self-care - How to avoid burnout through separating work and home, inner stillness, housekeeping and more</p>

Caring has a Cost - Professional Health and Self-care.pdf