EOL Series (03) Assessment and Decisions about Admission for suspected Covid-19 (Anytime video tutorial and downloadable slide-set)


<p>Target Learners: All Somerset clinicians in the community carrying out assessment and management of people with suspected Covid-19. This is one of a series of online presentations aimed at helping you and your colleagues understand and implement different parts of the Somerset Covid-19 strategy for end of life. This 20 minute video presentation by Dr Sally Silsby, Bridgwater GP &amp; CCG Clinical Lead for End of Life Care and Dr Lucy Pollock, consultant geriatrician at Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton will help you feel more confident about tackling the dilemmas that we are all facing in assessing and managing those patients suspected Covid-19 who may need admission. They cover: - Remote history taking and examination - Criteria for hospital admission - Important social and personal factors - Treatment Escalation Plans - Getting advice from secondary care - Using SPL to arrange admission or care at home</p>

Assessment and decisions about places of care for those with supsected Covid-19.pdf