Vaccine update: issue 310, July 2020

Vaccine update: issue 310, July 2020

This month's edition features:

maintaining vaccine uptake during a pandemic

COVID-19 and Vaccine wastage

healthcare staff flu campaign – I’ve had my flu jab

babies still need their mothers to receive pertussis vaccine in pregnancy

don’t forget – #BeRabiesAware

reminder about the PCV schedule and guidance

PPV Coverage report

complete routine immunisation schedule has been updated as of June 2020

vaccine supply

vaccine availability

vaccine ordering information for General Practice

immForm web address has changed

registering for a new or updating your existing ImmForm vaccine ordering account

maternal Pertussis programme – Change to dTaP/IPV vaccine

update to Bexsero Patient Information Leaflet

MMR vaccine ordering

the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and Delegated Regulation