Travel Advice - COVID Vaccination Status

COVID Vaccination Status

GP practices are not able to provide you with a letter that shows your COVID-19 vaccination status.

There have been no official announcements yet as to whether travellers will need to provide evidence that they have had a full vaccine course (2 doses) of the Covid vaccine.  The government announced last week their first decision on international travel by announcing a "Traffic Light" system for travel to different destinations.  The advice included which countries UK residents could travel to without needing to quarantine though it is likely that they will still be required for some countries to undergo a COVID test prior to departure and possibly on return to the UK. 

You can access the latest up to date advice from the GOV.UK website.  

Vaccine status will be available from:

How to demonstrate your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination status to show that you’ve had the full course of the COVID-19 vaccine and access this status when travelling abroad .

Useful information for GP Practices re: digital access to health services - The Digital Outreach Team have collated this information that you may find useful regarding patient access to digital healthcare services, including common issues and fixes and some information regarding Covid vaccs status on the NHS App that could be used on your practice website.