Telephone Triage Step 4 – Make a Diagnosis and Actions (Anytime online tutorial and slide-set)

Target learners: All primary care clinicians carrying out telephone consultation and consultation Presenter/s: Dr Andy Eaton, Somerset GP. Length: 31 minutes


<p>Covid-19 means that most consultations are now being carried out remotely. This is challenging work and we will all welcome help in increasing our confidence and skills. This is the fifth in a series of webinars on telephone triage. In this episode we talk about the value of summarising our findings back to the caller, offering a diagnosis or a description of what we feel may be going on, and suggesting options to the patient on how to take things further. This involves the patient in the decision and can help empower them to take positive actions to improve their own health. We also discuss how to decide what to do when things are not black and white, and how looking at things ethically can help unravel a difficult dilemma.</p>

Telephone Triage Step 4 - Make Diagnosis & Agree Actions - Andy Eaton April 2020.pdf