Telephone Triage Step 2 – Building & Maintaining Rapport - April 2020 (Anytime video tutorial and slide-set)

Target learners: All primary care clinicians carrying out telephone consultation and consultation Presenter/s: Dr Andy Eaton, Somerset GP. Length: 25 minutes


<p>Covid-19 means that most consultations are now being carried out remotely. This is challenging work and we will all welcome help in increasing our confidence and skills. Many colleagues will have had training at some stage on the importance of rapport in face to face consultations. Creating rapport over the telephone is equally important in order to reduce the callers anxiety and help achieve a satisfactory outcome for both parties, but it does involve a different skill set. In this episode, we will look at how to build and maintain rapport, from our initial introduction through to the end of the call. This is the third of a series of related tutorials and live case discussion webinars from Somerset GP Andy Eaton and Bristol GP Alison Hutchings. Both are GP Training Programme Directors and OOH Fellows and what they have to say comes straight from the coal-face.</p>

Telephone Triage Step 2 - Building and Maintaining Rapport - April 2020.pdf