Safeguarding Children

GMC guidance refers to an Intercollegiate document (see below). An updated version was released in January 2019. The ultimate statement to which we are beholden is:

“It is now recognised that the complexity of relationships with child and young people patients and their parents and carers in the primary care context (see MRCGP Curriculum Statement 8) requires level 3 competences. For the purposes of annual GP Appraisal and revalidation, GPs should have all the competences in level 2 and be at or be able to demonstrate they are working towards level 3. The GMC and RCGP state that for the purposes of revalidation, GPs need to demonstrate that they are up to date and fit to practise in all aspects of their work. Level 3 describes the scope of work of GPs in relation to safeguarding children and young people. It is the responsibility of GPs to demonstrate that they maintain their competence. A GP may keep up to date in a variety of ways, for instance completing an elearning module, attending a training session in or out of the practice or reading appropriate guidelines. There should not be a defined frequency of updates; the important point is that it is the responsibility of the GP, in their appraisal, to demonstrate they are competent and up to date. Case reviews and critical incident reviews can be used to show how knowledge and skills are used in practice.”

This is no change to the current view which we hold at Wessex LMCs. The real test is if you were unfortunate enough to have a child death in your practice and were challenged, could you face the Coroner or the GMC and defend your level of knowledge or training?

What are the  level 3 competencies I need to have?

Taken from the Intercollegiate document:

General Practitioners


Clinical knowledge


Attitudes and values

Are there a specific number of hours I need to ‘log’?

No, in the Intercollegiate document indicative times are given. The main thing is that you achieve the competencies and are kept up to date.

For guidance only the Intercollegiate document suggests the following: 

For those individuals moving into a permanent senior level post such as substantive career grade, consultant, GP or team leader who have as yet not attained the relevant knowledge, skills and competence required at level 3 it is expected that within a year of appointment additional education will be completed equivalent to a minimum of 8 hours cxx of education and learningcxxi related to safeguarding/child protection, and those requiring specialist-level competences should complete a minimum of 16 hours cxxii cxxiii.

cxx Two Programmed Activities (PA)s/sessions

cxxi Educational sessions could be a combination of e-learning, personal reflection and discussion in clinical meetings or attendance at internal or external outside training courses

cxxii For those professional groups who may have previously been placed at Level 2, transitional arrangements should be put in place to enable attainment of core Level 3 education and training over an 18-month period

cxxiii Those undertaking level 3 training do not need to repeat level 1 or level 2 training as it is anticipated that an update will be encompassed in level 3 training

cxxiv Training can be tailored by organisations to be delivered annually or once every 3 years and encompass a blended learning approach


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