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SGPET is pleased to present its two series of audio podcasts which are designed to be used as a Primary Health care resource by GPs, GP trainees, Nurse Practitioners and Practice Nurses as a learning tool. 

Please note that the speakers give their personal opinions which may not necessarily be representative of all GPs.  The discussion is based on their interpretation of current best practice and the guidance is relevant at the time of the podcast. Both practice and references will change and you are responsible for ensuring you have the most up-to-date information.  For all our podcasts the speakers will be from Somerset and the discussions, information and references are based accordingly.

Podcast pages

Palliative Care



Links to podcasts/webinars.  SGPET have not had input into these.

Go to www.patientwebinars.co.uk for award winning nutrition webinars for patients. Webinars are available on First Line Advice for IBS, the Low FODMAP Diet, Coeliac Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease in remission - feel free to give the patient this website address www.patientwebinars.co.uk and they can access reliable, accurate information directly from specialist NHS dietitians – no GP referral necessary. Patients can access these webinars on demand. If you would like business cards with this website address to give to your patients then please just email contact.webinars@nhs.net and we will send you a box of cards.

These webinars are also an excellent form of CPD/updated for any GPs.



External Links to interesting medical podcasts.  SGPET have not had input into these podcasts, they have been recommended by local GPs.

GP registrars InnovAIT magazine. on ITunes as 'Sage General practice'

RCGP Essential Knowledge updates

The BMJ podcast

DTB podcast

The Ben Gowland podcast, soon renamed as the General practice podcast About management and politics in GP.


This is an old but good series on acute medicine. Cliff Mann's talk about the M5 crash is excellent.

Clinical Cases Podcast Series - Episode 1 - Coeliac

Clinical Cases Podcast - Coeliac