Menopause and HRT Formulary Update

Somerset CCG are pleased to share that the Medicines Management Team have now updated the formulary for Menopause and HRT on the new website Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy - Somerset CCG

This has been a very topical subject which continues to move forward on a national basis.

The Medicines Management Team wanted to make accessing all the options available in an easy to read reference using quick reference pictograms,   HRT Formulary - Transdermal options - First Choice  and  HRT Formulary - Oral Options

Alongside the formulary and advice on treatment options available the Specialist Pharmacy Service have developed a medicines supply tool, accessible with a log in, it’s easy to register with your NHS email.

In October, the Prescribing and Medicines Management Group (PAMM) met to discuss the use of testosterone in the menopause where HRT alone is not effective for low sexual desire. Details of the formulary position can be found under testosterone on the main Menopause page with prescribing advice.

Testosterone use in menopause: Traffic Light Status as GREEN on the advice of a GP with additional training in menopause and hormone replacement therapy or suitable specialist.

As national information and guidance develops, they will update the information shared on their website. You may also find helpful to catch up on Somerset Wellbeing’s podcast with Dr Andrew Tresidder and Dr Kathryn Patrick? The Somerset Emotional Wellbeing Podcast: Demystifying the Menopause which is shared in resources alongside other helpful links on the menopause page.