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Practice Nurse Training Course (3 Day Course ) 13, 14 & 15 September

Tuesday 13 September 2016 at East Quay Medical Centre

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This is a multi-day (consecutive) event.

Times: 09:00 - 17:30

Food is provided at this event.

As this course is over and above the funding available under the education trust umbrella. The course cost is £750 per Nurse for the 3   days. 

RCN Accredited 

 Introduction to Travel Health - Sharon Graham

- Risk assessment
- Identifying appropriate sources of information to support consultations
- Understanding commonly used travel vaccinations
- Understanding Malaria and prophylaxis
- Planning vaccine schedules

Ear Care - Marion Fice (Ear care trainer)

- Anatomy and physiology of the ear
- Theory of irrigation
- Practical session
- Otoscopy
- Instrumentation
- Irrigation
- Hearing loss and Tinitus
- Otitis externa
- Cholesteatoma and Perforations

Introduction to Practice Nursing

- The role of the Practice nurse
- Holistic assessment of the patient / safeguarding
- Adult injections commonly administered

Childhood Immunisation
- Principles of immunisation
- How vaccines work
- Live and deactivated vaccines
- Contraindications
- Technique of administration
- Consent
- Record keeping
- Cold Chain
- Storage


Location details

East Quay Medical Centre
East Quay, Bridgwater, TA6 4GP

Is the training accessible to wheelchairs? Please contact event organisers to discuss


Main contact

Name: Claire Winchester

Email: claire.winchester@somersetlmc.co.uk

Phone: 01823 331428

If you have any communication or mobility needs that the event organisers need to be aware of please contact them in advance of the course to let them know.

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