Important message for cervical sample takers

Cervical Screening Programme

Important message for cervical sample takers:

An important element of cervical screening is ensuring that once a sample from a woman is taken that it is processed by the lab and that a result is generated. With this in mind we want to remind all cervical sample takers that part of their responsibilities is to keep a list of all samples sent, and correlate this with the results returned by the laboratory as a failsafe measure. Where no result has been received within 3 weeks the sample taker should then contact the laboratory to chase what has happened to the sample. This is an important part of the process as it helps to ensure that all samples sent to the lab have been processed and ensures that all patients will receive a result from having had the test.

Should you have any queries on this please get in touch with the Screening & Immunisation Team at


Results - Important Message from South West Screening & Immunisation Team

The Cervical Screening Laboratory at NBT cannot give out any results to patients who call them asking if their sample has been processed. Please do not give the laboratory number out to members of the public/patients if they call regarding non-receipt of screening results letter. If a patient calls to enquire whether their sample results have been reported it is the responsibility of the GP practice to contact the laboratory if there is a concern about non-receipt of results. All sample takers should be recording and auditing their cervical samples taken for quality and recording the number of inadequates, so they should follow up on any samples where a result has not been returned to the practice. If the laboratory persistently receive enquires from individual practice patients the Screening and Immunisation Team will be notified and the Practice Manager will be informed.